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FAQs on Static Website

Static web design is such a website that is simple in design & doesn’t provide much functionality. It is super easy to develop but difficult to make any change or updates in the design.

Yes. We help you to develop a 100% responsive & SEO-friendly website that follows all of Google’s ranking algorithm & make it safe & secure enough to browse easily without any interruption.

Static website is made of completely informational. A static website consists of a fixed number of pages that have a specific layout to follow.

But Dynamic website is more functional. It allows the user to interact with the website information. Also, it requires more than just utilizing HTML coding while static websites only use client-side HTML & CSS. Dynamic websites use both client-side & server-side scripting languages.

If you are a beginner, want to build your online presence then a static website is the one you should go for. It loads faster & requires lesser work & investment compared to a dynamic website.

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