Well, everything needs frequent health checkups. So do your website. It is kinda similar to changing your car oil. Or, checking up with the doctor. Regular oil changes ensure the extending life of your car. Similarly, regular auditing ensures your website has good health.

For that very reason, using auditing software is a must. I particularly suggest using SEOaudit.software.


Because while giving you comprehensive suggestions. This website auditing tool looks into your technical infrastructure.

SEO Audit Software Tool

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It helps to visualize the bigger picture. What actually pushes your website down it highlights on that. Plus give you all the recommendations that ladder up to your website.

And finding & resolving all the issues, your website will get a clear path to rank up.


What is a technical SEO Audit?

Technical SEO Audit is a process

  • To check your website from a technical point of view
  • Uncover all the mistakes
  • Find out where SEO best practice needed
  • Help to manage your external & internal links
  • Provide guidelines to resolve that SEO mistakes

So performing regular technical site audit is important.

You can do the search engine optimization site audit in two ways:

  • First one is manual SEO website audit
  • 2nd one Automatic site auditing

You can choose either way to do the website auditing.

Manually it will kill more time than the automatic process. Also manually it can be difficult to find out the missing pieces in bare eyes.

Whereas automatically is an easier & faster approach.

You can use various SEO site auditing apps/ software to analyze your website’s health. As I already suggest my favorite. But for your benefit, I can recommend some other audit tools.

So my next answer will serve you with the list.

What are the SEO Audit tools that conduct website auditing?

Below I mentioned some of the most popular site auditing software for SEO

  • Woorank
  • Raventools
  • Semrush
  • Moz Pro
  • Mysiteauditor
  • SEO Audit Software
  • WebCEO
  • SEO Site Checkup
  • Seoptimer
  • Google’s Webmaster Tools
  • Ubersuggest

That’s the top 10 SEO analysis tools that I used in my SEO business. And I must say, all of them doing a fav job in analyzing & crawling your website.

Coming to the main part,

Why SEO Audit is Important?

SEO Audit Software Website

Image source: SEO Audit Software

As now I give you a little insight into the SEO audit importance. So let’s dig deeper into why auditing software is really important for your website SEO.

Helps to up to date with Google Algorithm

Google changes its algorithm every year. Some SEO professionals assume Google keeps its changes vague.

The frequency of changes is really hard to keep track of. There are over 200 changing factors in Google algorithms.

SEO is not an easy task. If it’s, then every single content or website will now be ranked higher. Instead of those user-friendly & rich content.

So that being said, you need to be careful when making any changes to your site. And for that SEO audit comes in rescue.

As the SEO tools work with Google metrics.

They will give you the most up-to-date suggestions when it comes to making any changes.

And for that reason, you need to perform the audit to your site.

To find out all the SEO weaknesses

That’s the most important reason. Why you actually need to perform site auditing.

You can’t really find all the weaknesses in your bare sight. You need help.

As I mentioned in my previous points. Google updates its algorithm a lot.

So it’s important to have something that analyzes your site based on those changes.

The experts who actually build those auditing tools are the ones who really analyze those updates & continuously work into it.

So why to keep yourself buried under those complicated updates. When you can easily access those amazing SEO tools. And run a free audit to improve your sites’ SEO performance.

To fix your website errors

Well, it’s really important to find out all the website errors. Otherwise, it will impact your traffic, conversation & most importantly your rankings.

To expose all the underlying issues, you need to perform the technical audit.

After running the auditing, you will find out:

  • Any error messages
  • Site crawl every single page
  • Scan every single URL
  • Analyze your subdomains
  • Analyze pages with status codes
  • Missing or duplicate meta tags
  • Analyze website loading speed
  • Scan every image
  • Analyze internal links
  • Analyze URL & Alt test
  • Detect Robot.txt, XML sitemaps issues
  • Scan HTTP requests & content breakdown

To measure your site’s effectiveness

After performing a successful site audit. And analyzing all underlying issues.

Based on the audit report, you fix all the issues.

Now what?

You need to continuously measure all that improvement.

If you don’t keep track of what the previous situation was like, you can’t really determine your site’s performance. And for that, you need an SEO audit tool. Which helps you to track all the previous situations. Along with that will also monitor your page performance.

To gain a competitive edge

A comprehensive SEO audit is not only limited to your own site. With that tool, you can also analyze your SERPs competitors’ site. That will give an extra advantage to rank higher than competitors.

With the help of website audit software, you can uncover

  • Your competitors’ Keyword rankings
  • Your competitors’ backlinks
  • Your competitors’ domain authority
  • Your competitors’ SEO tactics
  • Your competitors’ sites weaknesses & strengths

To renew your outdated content

Your site may contain old content. To improve your rankings you need to update your content accordingly.

Because it’s important to write not only relevant but also fresh content.

Sop to re-evaluate your content, you need to audit your site.

Only a website auditing tool helps to find out your

  • Title & meta tag problems
  • Image Problems
  • H1, H2, H3 tag problems
  • Measure content user-friendliness.

So for the above reasons, you need to monitor your site regularly. Auditing not only diagnoses your site weaknesses. But also measure the sudden change in the website traffic. So do audit regularly.

You can run unlimited number of site audits using SEO Audit software. It’s completely free to use. And along with that, you’ll get a comprehensive report. But the decision is all yours. So choose such audit tools that can help you to resolve your SEO mistakes.

And help your site to rank higher on the search engine.