You must know that the most affordable way for Google organic ranking is SEO. And you may know also that what is SEO audit. To analyze the inside and outside issues, you have to go through an overall analysis of the whole site. We call this SEO Audit.

An SEO auditing can help to hike the organic traffic and boost the ranking factors. Without the audit, it is like throwing stones in the dark if you want to increase your ranking. You have to hold an opinion not for your site only; in fact, a minimal sight of the competitors is also essential to watch.

Let’s make this point clear with several points that how you can hit the rank with proper SEO Website Audit and apparently how to do an seo audit.

Competitor Analysis

Before starting, just check the same thing for your competitors that what are they doing. You can examine several things for the whole analysis of seo site audits like

  • For which keywords are your competitors ranking?
  • Are you working on these?
  • Try to find the difficulties of the keywords they are ranking for.
  • How many indexed pages do they have?
  • In what ages of the site they made the indexed pages, and what time you should need to reach there?
  • How many and what types of back links are they using?

Now how can these help you in organic ranking with website SEO audit?

Choose the keywords that competitors of low DA are using. These can help you put the low competitive keywords that can be easier to rank.

Check Your Website Performance

Share your website URL & keyword you want to rank to know the overall performance of your website. You will receive in-depth on-page SEO report in less than 30 Seconds.

The more index pages the more strength of the sites is. So, try to increase the page as most as possible according to the competitors of good position.

The track of backlinks of the competitors can help you make the decision of the backlinks of your own sites. You can be able to keep yourself far from unwanted backlinks.

Competitor Analysis for SEO Audit

Search Console Issues

  • You have to check some technical issues for the site.
  • Check the speed of the site that whether it is in a standard value or not.
  • Check the canonicalization, and you should index only one address rather than many to be accessible.
  • You have to check even every individual page that should load fast.
  • Make sure all the pages are indexed.
  • You can use the page speed insight for this idea.

All of these parameters are available on search console that a site must be submitted to. You have to mend all the issues found here which can boost the organic ranking.

Broken Links

Broken links are one of the obstructions of good ranking. When Google crawls the site and find nothing in that url then it makes this point unsupportive for ranking. Google always thinks about the users experience and anything that arise difficulties can count on negative impressions. To cover the broken links and boost the traffic-

  • Change the whole content with the Parmalink
  • Redirection to another link that is live.
  • Leaving 404 the link without any backlink is ok but not the better option.
Broken Links for SEO Audit

Removal of Bad Links

Make an audit of the links and referring domains. Sometimes there may happen some bad links automatically, which are suspecting and threatening to your site.

  • As good links can take you at the top of the first page, bad links can kick the site out.
  • You have to disavow those to save your website from an adverse impact.
  • You can find these sources from Ahref tools that are good for tracking backlinks,
  • And then you can make a quick audit with Moz and majestic tools to know the quality of the referring domains.
  • Removing the bad links would definitely helps to improve the bad links as link is one of the ranking factors among these.

Fill the “Content Gap”

In this point, get a full SEO audit on particular contents. After knowing about the top pages of your site, fix the pages that are good to perform and require modification and update. Target those pages and optimize those according to the rules of SEO.

Search for the “content gap” that is mandatory to know. Individual page issues are called “content gaps,” that are crucial factors for optimizing the pages and improving the position.

  • In this method, you have to use both the manual and technical ways to fill the content gaps.
  • Optimize the pages according to the keywords tools, SEO tools, and manual watch.
  • Onpage optimization should be done according to a manual audit. This can be done for an individual page.
  • You have to check the SEO title, Permalink, Meta description, word counts, image alt texts, internal link, an external link, and so on.
  • Use your brain to complete the onpage audit process.
  • This process can be used to make the full content audit.

This can help you improve the position of a specific page in Google.

Onsite Audit

After all these, make an audit with your eyes and brain to examine some onsite matters like

  • How does the site design look?
  • Find the navigation level, whether it is easy or not.
  • Do the technical SEO audit.
  • How is the user experience for the audience?
  • Is the relevance of the contents present or not?
  • How many numbers of categories are there, and is it similar to or better than the competitors?

You can find these answers by having an overall audit of whole the site and fix the errors. Thus you can improve the position of the site and lift the ranking. But for that you must know how to perform an seo audit. You can have SEO audit guide to perform website audit.

Final Thought

The ultimate upshot is that organic ranking is a steady process, and you have to maintain a white hat SEO process in the whole course of SEO of the site. An audit is also a constant process. Finding the things that what is better for my site depends on finding the strength and weakness of your website. Thus you can mend the problems and improve the factors of well-performed contents and top features. You have to add value to your site that helps you earn traffic through SEO audit.