There are countless ways to make an SEO report. But when it comes to creating useful SEO reports for your clients, it can be tough. Because you have to figure out what you or your clients actually looking for in a report.

Technical SEO Report Guideline
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  • Do I want to improve website rankings?
  • Am I looking to generate more traffic?
  • Do I want to find out the website performance?

Check Your Website Performance

Share your website URL & keyword you want to rank to know the overall performance of your website. You will receive in-depth on-page SEO report in less than 30 Seconds.

So after sorting out the questions, it’s time to decide how you gonna prepare that report.

There are two ways you can implement to make an SEO report:

  • First one is Manual reporting
  • Second one is automatic reporting

Manual reporting means, where you have to analyze your clients’ whole website in your bare eyes. Also the website ranking performance. And then compile all of the data into a report.

On the other hand, automatic reporting means where everything can be done automatically. With the help of SEO reporting software, you can generate a report in a minute. Just insert all the necessary information and click the button. That’s it! Your report will be generated.

That being said, first, give you a heads up about SEO report:

So, What is an SEO report?

SEO reports consist of a complete overview of;

  • Website health
  • Website performance
  • Domain
  • Metrics
  • Organic traffic
  • Ranking status, etc

to help you to understand how your site is performing in Google.

Now How to prepares/ make a Technical SEO report for Clients?

Like I said earlier, you can create reports in two ways. But as a professional in this field, I will suggest choosing the 2nd way. And that is using an SEO audit reporting tool. That is faster, error-less, hassle-free & more professional.

So, before preparing a report, you have to do the site audit first. Below I show the step by step procedure for creating the technical report. So let’s dive in.

How SEO report generator prepares/ make an SEO report:

It’s quite simple. In the below steps, I mention how to create SEO reports using SEO tools.

  • To generate an SEO report, first, you have to sign up for the free account and build your profile.

    Sign Up To Generate an SEO Report

    Good news, in the SEO Audit Software, you can use it completely free up to 14 days.

  • After signing up, now run a free audit on your or your clients’ website.

    For that, you have to enter the website URL & most preferred keyword.

    This tool starts to analyze that inserted keyword & Website. And in a minute (generally take 20 seconds), you will get a comprehensive analysis report.

    Audit A Page

Now, What an SEO Analysis report includes:

  • On-page & Off-page SEO score
  • Site crawl to check the website health
  • Page by Page analysis report
  • Find top SEO issues
  • Title, meta tag analysis
  • Find out uncovered issues
  • Website page speed analysis
  • Google’s mobile-friendly check
  • Find keyword cannibalization
  • Audit robot.txt file
  • Find page-level duplicate content

A reporting tool will check your site in the above-mentioned segment. And help you to point out all the underlying errors.

That’s how you will get an in-depth analysis SEO report card.

Along with the errors, you will get complete guidance on how to fix it.

Above all, you also get the overall site score & other general metrics. That helps to understand what actually hurting your traffic rankings.

After the auditing is done, you can move to customize the report.

To give it a branded look, go to the dashboard – White Label section.

White Label SEO Report

Here you can customize your whole SEO report template to give it a custom look.

Just upload your business logo and add company information ( name, phone number, header, footer text).

White Label SEO Report Features

In the show/hide section, you can configure what you want to present in your SEO Audit Report.

And can give it your own customized look.

Which help to improve your brand credibility in front of your clients’

SEO Report Customization Guideline

Also by using our White label lead generation tool, you can integrate white-label widget to your site.

As a result, you can generate leads directly from your site.

In the “My Audit” section, you can access all the audit reports that already run on the system.

All Audit Reports

And that’s how you can instantly generate white label SEO reports by using SEO Audit Software.

Generate White Label SEO Reports

To share the monthly reports you can manually download the PDF. Or can transfer it to the excel sheet. Even directly share report doc. to clients.

The best part of using SEO Audit Software is, you’ll get free 14 days free trial option. Here you can do free site audit & create the branded report. After 14 days (when free-trial is over) you can generate free non-branded SEO reports for your clients.

And that’s how you can generate SEO report by using an SEO tool.

As I cover the steps of preparing a technical SEO report.

So now move to the next question, Which tool to use.

There are more than hundreds of SEO report generator software in the market. As I already use so many SEO reporting tools for myself as well as for my clients. So I believe my experience in this segment will surely help you out.

Below I will talk about some of my most used SEO audit report tools. That helps me to generate instant reports.

1. Dashthis: SEO Reporting Software:

Dashthis SEO Reporting Software

This software is a complete SEO reporting platform where you can combine all your data in one place.

It automatically fetches data from different SEO tools and generates reports. It also takes away the sharing hassle.

Just after creating the mailing list, you can easily send the report to your client the moment you generate it.

My ratings for this tool is 3 out of 5.

2. Agency Analytics:

Agency Analytics

Perfect for small to mid-sized agencies. Trusted by 3,000+ marketing agencies, it comes with a 30+ third-party data integration facility.

Apart from that, you can impress your clients with up-to-date reports, including:

  • Keyword Rankings
  • backlink Analytics
  • Website Audit
  • Competitor analysis

You can easily schedule your reports to resolve the hassle of manual updates. It has a white-label facility, where you can customize the report on your branding style.

My overall ratings for this tool is 3.9 out of 5.

3. SEO Audit Software: White Label SEO Reporting Tool:

SEO Audit Software White Label SEO Reporting Tool

This reporting software perfect for new bloggers to SEO professionals who want to get branded SEO reports for their clients as well as for their own agencies. It assists you to generate instant business SEO report by doing a free SEO audit to your site.

After generating the technical report, you can get a complete insight into your website’s:

  • Page Speed
  • H1, H2, H3 tag
  • Title & Meta tag
  • Link Structure
  • Page issues, signals & grade
  • HTTP requests & content breakdown
  • Analysis of URL & Alt test
  • Analysis of Keyword consistency

By using these SEO reporting solutions, you can access all of your reports in one single portal. In the “My Audits” section, you will find all the reports that you’ve created at different times.

And I particularly like this software most for generating branded reports. Because it is easy to use. And you’ll get 14 days free brandable report generating facility.

My overall ratings for this tool is 4.5 out of 5.

4. SE Ranking: SEO Reporting Tool

SE Ranking SEO Reporting Tool

Known for its powerful report building facility.

You can easily generate reliable SEO reports which;

  • Saves time
  • Customizable
  • & Also Easy to access.

You can send the report either manually or automatically to your SEO clients. You can schedule the reports to automatically send it out.

Also can download the report manually in PDF, CSV, XLS or even Html formats.

My overall ratings for this tool is 4.4 out of 5.

5. Report Garden:

Report Garden

This is a simple SEO reporting software, which can easily scalable with clients’ reporting tools. You can generate unlimited SEO reports which will be combined with beautiful visualization.

You can organize your data into a different segment which makes it easier to access every data. After a one-time initial set up you will be able to automate your reports.

My overall ratings for this tool is 4.3 out of 5.

That’s the top 5 SEO reporting tools currently on my list. There are also other tools in the market. But these five really do justice when it comes to generating SEO reports.

Dashthis is really helpful when it comes to integrating with other SEO tools. And generating keywords ranking reports.

SE ranking generates most data-driven reports.

Report garden & Agency analytics mostly prioritize the agencies of all sizes.

And lastly, SEO Audit Software is suitable for all.

From new bloggers to SEO enthusiastic – every business can use this tool. It also gives you the liberty of creating configurable & comprehensive SEO reports. Which in the end, helps you to rank higher.