Looking for a tool that can prepare the best free white label SEO reports? Well, then you are in the right place, my friend.

In this article, I will talk about some of my most used white-labeled SERP tools. Those SEO platforms will assist you in to do a free white label auditing.

Best White Label SEO Tool
Photo Credit: SEOaudit.software

Before starting the listing, let me answer some of the most asked questions. If you know them before, then you can skip those parts. And if you are new in this whole SEO thingy. Then let me begin with the basics first.

What is White Label SEO Audit?

Check Your Website Performance

Share your website URL & keyword you want to rank to know the overall performance of your website. You will receive in-depth on-page SEO report in less than 30 Seconds.

White Label SEO Audit provides complete solutions in terms of:

  • Presenting branded SEO analysis support.
  • Can serve the best SEO service to your clients.
  • Help you to activate your own SEO services in a cost-effective manner.
  • Help you to stand out against your SERPs competitors.
  • Help you to turn your potential leads into sales.

What White Label SEO Tools Do?

White label SEO tools are a great way to enhance your SEO efforts.


Because it allows you to provide your own SEO services.

You may be best at design & developing or even on the advertising side. But today’s customers want more than that. They want some sort of SEO services. And if you can provide that, it will increase your business credibility. For that, you don’t need to be an SEO professional.

By choosing a White Label SEO tool, you can easily bring SEO services on board. And the amazing part you don’t have to put in any effort on it. You just keep doing your business activities while reselling the SEO services using the white label SEO audit tool.

How White label SEO tools works:

  1. Setting up your own SEO auditing service.
  2. Help you to generate a completely branded SEO report for your teams & clients.
  3. Can embed the White label tool into your site to generate more leads.

Some most popular types of white label SEO tools are:

  • White label Reporting tools
  • Site Auditing tools
  • Keyword Rank checking tools
  • Keyword Difficulty tools
  • Backlink analysis tools
  • Traffic analytics tools
  • Lead Generation tools

Which White Label SEO tools are free?

Now coming to the most requested part. Where can I find a free white label SEO audit tool?

There are numerous tools out there that provide free White label SEO service.

You can find hundreds of reviews about them.

Among them which one is best, you don’t know.

Because people raving about their tools most. And the finding process can be daunting.

To find out the best one, my advice for you to choose that SEO tool:

  • That can allow you to do a free site audit.
  • Crawl every single page and scan every inch of your site.
  • Provide detailed & informative reports.
  • Give access to customize the report setting.
  • Come with an embed (widget) option.
  • Of-course has white-label options.
  • Has a comparative & dynamic data analysis facility.

In this article, I help you to find out white label SEO management platforms that suit your business perfectly. So further rambling, let’s start.


My Site Auditor Tool

Number one in the top list is My Site Auditor. Not only your landing page , but you can also check your blog article as well.

The best thing, all the reporting data are directly aligned with Google’s ranking algorithm. And that makes it the most useful tool to use. It’s a great tool for the agencies.

The reason why you should use this tool:

  • Can embed this white label tool on your site.
  • Easy to generate leads using the white-label widget.
  • Can export the report into PDF versions.
  • Has an Unlimited free site audits facility.


Web CEO SEO Tool

This tool is most popular among marketing agencies for the white-label options. By using this tool, you can easily rebrand your SEO platform.

The reasons to choose this tool:

  • Can configure a custom domain.
  • Can access the live SEO report at any time.
  • Cloud-based SEO tools.
  • Can give a custom look with logo, header, footer.
  • Can resell the tool to other agencies.
  • It has a lead generation facility.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking White Label SEO Tool

Most popular white label SEO tool to drive your SEO business. By using this tool you will get free access to all the white label features.

The main reason to use this tool is:

  • Can use your own domain name.
  • Can add & manage multiple users.
  • By using the white-label into your site, you don’t need any hosting.
  • Can choose the color scheme.
  • Can export the report into PDF.
  • Directly share the report through email.

SEO Audit Software

SEO Audit Software Tool

One of my most favorite white label SEO analysis tools. From agencies to freelancers- this tool is useful for all.

The thing I like the most is, all the white label features are completely free.

Up to 14 days you can produce free white labeled reports. After 14 days you can create free non-branded reports with limited access.

And if you want you can easily get access to the previous benefits. Only by subscribing to any of the packages you will get the earlier white-label features. And the package costs are also very cost-effective compared to other tools.

Some of the advantages of this white label SEO programs:

  • Helps you in instant auditing, reporting & ranking reports.
  • Can configure what you want to show in the SEO report
  • Can customize the report with private logo, header, footer
  • Audit report shows tips to fix all of the issues.
  • White label software allows you to embed it on the site with a lead capture form.
  • Can generate custom branded reports for hundreds of clients.

The main reasons to use this tool are:

  • This white label tool will add value to your business.
  • You will get keyword ranking notification.
  • Generate in-depth reports focusing on all of the underlying issues.
  • Can impress your clients with simple yet comprehensive detailing.

Let’s give you a tour to this white label SEO platform

White Label SEO Audit Tool Dashboard

Pic Source: SEO Audit tool Dashboard

When you sign in to the 14 days free feature, you will find a dashboard. Here you can run a technical audit to your website.

It will take 20 seconds to max 1 min to completely scan your site.

And after scanning the website you will receive something like this:

Top White Label SEO Tool

Pic Source: White Label Report Sample

A complete analysis report. And to customize the report you have to go to the White label section from the dashboard.

White Label SEO Reporting Tool

Pic source: White Label module review

Here you can upload your business logo. Also, you have to enter your company information. As a result, you will get your own customized report.

If you want to customize it more. Or make it just the way your clients want. You can also configure the findings of the report.

White Label SEO Configuration

Pic Source: White Label configuration section

In the white label section, you will find the report configure option. Just by turning on/ off the options. You can control the data how you want to show in the report.

In that way, you can give your report a personalized & branded look. Plus it will be more user-friendly. As clients only get what they actually want in a report. Not the whole complicated metrics.

And that’s how you can collect all the SEO data in one single dashboard. And white labeled it according to your business needs.


White Label SEO Mator tool

To improve your whole website performance, this tool is perfect.

This will crawl your site & give you an in-depth analysis report.

The feature you will get here:

  • Complete on-page, off-Page analysis of your website.
  • Can collaborate the tool with your teammate.
  • With the exclusive feature, you can process 200 websites per month
  • Can make your report white-label.
  • Can export report into PDF.
  • Can embed the SEO Audit widget to your site.


Octoboard White Label SEO tool

This tool provides complete solutions in terms of white-label experience.

Using this online tool you can combine data from 50 cloud platforms.

What this White label tool offers:

  • Can host this white-labeled tool on your website.
  • Schedule & automate your report to save your business valuable time.
  • Can add your business branding reflection into your report.
  • Can add your business branded look into the dashboard.
  • By using the Google sheet integration, you can show your data.
  • Can generate unlimited reports.
  • Can give access to your clients. So that they can see their data.


Marketers Center White Label SEO Service

With the help of this tool, you can enhance your business bottom line. Already 3,000+ agencies use their white label SEO services.

The reasons to use this tool

  • Get instant access into the white label, the moment you free sign up.
  • Can instantly download the white label SEO reports.
  • It audits your citation, to fix all of the URL issues.


MetricSpot SEO Report

For digital marketing agencies & SEO consultants, this tool is ideal for them. You can gain more conversions by embedding the SEO audit widget to your site.

Up to 7 days you generate free leads from your site.

The reasons to use this tool:

  • Can generate custom-branded SEO reports.
  • Generate unlimited white-labeling reports.
  • Can upload the company logo & other branded detailing in the reports.
  • Get an instant email notification for the new lead.


PosiRank SEO Service

This is considered as the all-in-one SEO platform. With this tool, you can collect backlinks from high powered sites.

It helps you to write high-quality unique content. And to free audit your site to find out critical issues.

The reason to choose this tool

  • In-depth analysis report.
  • Can export it onto the PDF
  • Has customizable reporting options.
  • Can fully customize the dashboard.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog White Label SEO Reporting

Another SEO tool on my list is Screaming Frog. It crawls your site in order to give valuable insights about your site’s health.

You can download the free as well as the paid version.

I recommend this tool for the following reason:

  • Has comprehensive report data
  • You can run free audit up to 500 URLs
  • It has limited audit design options.

Some of the drawbacks are:

  • It didn’t white-label your audit report
  • You can’t export the report into pdf
  • No embed options for the agencies

That’s the top 10 white label SEO analysis tool that I used so far. If you are a freelancer, you can first use 2 to 3 free tools to get a hold of it. Then you can move towards the paid functionality if you like the tool.

Now as a professional, if you’re looking for something that has comprehensive insights. Can analyze all the website metrics & present you the most familiar way.

Also, it has great customizability to make it branded. And most importantly free to use for some time. Then I will say, SEO Audit Software will be a great choice. It also has all the details that I mentioned in my earlier advice.

But the final decision is all yours. Compare each tool and choose wisely based on your business needs.