Only the right SEO Audit Software can help you to improve your online presence, get higher rankings and bring more profit in the long run. You can find different kinds of SEO software in the market for the report, site audit, backlink & lead.

Whether you are just starting your business or own a multi-billion company – my mentioned SEO tools will help you no matter what.

From performing the Site Audit;
Keyword Research;
Keyword tracking;
or Generate in-depth Reports – the aforementioned tools will sort you out from every difficulty.

Here I try to segregate the tools section by section for better understanding.

And those sections are:

  • Premium Selection SEO Tool
  • Mid Range SEO Tool
  • Low range cost-effective SEO Tool
  • White Label SEO Audit Tool
  • Open Source SEO Audit Software
  • Free SEO Reporting Software

But there are a ton of tools out there claiming that they are the best. But how gonna assured of that.

Check Your Website Performance

Share your website URL & keyword you want to rank to know the overall performance of your website. You will receive in-depth on-page SEO report in less than 30 Seconds.

As I have 17 years of experience in this industry and currently working as a CEO at SEO Audit Agency & SEO audit Software. I strongly believe my experience with the SEO Report Software will satisfy your quest.

So further wasting any more time, let’s get this listing going.

Best SEO Audit Software: Premium Selection SEO Tool

  1. SE Ranking
  2. SemRush
  3. Raven Tools
  4. Advanced Web Ranking
  5. Ahrefs
  6. BuzzStream
  7. Whitespark
  8. Moz: SEO Software
  9. Report Garden
  10. Agency Analytics

Below, I describe each tool with its key important features as well as its working summary.

SE Ranking:

This all-inclusive cloud-based SEO tool helps you to monitor your page performance, suggest the keywords, and help you to generate branded SEO reports.

How SE Ranking will help you:

  • Track Keyword Rank
  • Audit Website
  • On-Page Checker
  • Backlink Checker
  • Keyword Suggestion Tool
  • Keyword Grouper
  • Monitor Page Changes
  • Competitor Research

How it works:

SERanking The SEO Software Interface

With the help of this SEO reporting tool, you will get a complete overview of organic search engine results, get an idea over similar keywords, get the competitor list and also helps you to get the most popular keyword ads.

Sem Rush:

This software is known as the online visibility management platform.

It will assist you in keyword research and rankings, analytics, backlink analysis, analyze the traffic and at the same help you to get insights about your competitors.

This is the most popular tool among Digital Marketing enthusiastic.

How SemRush will help you:

  • Conduct a deep backlink research
  • Check the backlink health
  • Competitor Ad Analyze
  • Keyword Research
  • keyword Difficulty Finder
  • Analyze Traffic and online performance
  • Assist in SEO Content writing
  • Website Audit
  • Track Social Media Performance
  • Monitor Brand Promotion

How it works:

SemRush The SEO Software Interface

With this website auditing software, you will get a complete keyword overview in terms of domain analysis, analytics of your targeted keywords and the organic search result of that keyword.

Raven Tools:

This tool is trusted by thousands of agencies because of its 7 amazing SEO and reporting tools.

The tools you’ll find in this all-in-one software, are:

  • Website Audits
  • Backlink tools
  • Rank Tracking
  • Competitor Research
  • Link Building manager
  • Marketing Report
  • Keyword Rank checker

How it works:

Raven Tools The SEO Software Interface

To try out all these amazing features, you can sign up for free into this SEO reporting software.

Advanced Web Ranking:

With Advanced Web Ranking now your rank tracking will be easier, faster and effective. Also, this software is accessible from any devices and you can generate the fresh ranking report daily.

The helpful features of Advanced Web Ranking:

  • Rank Tracking
  • White Label Feature
  • Generate SEO Report

How it works:

The most amazing part of this software is it helps the new user with video tutorials to get a hold of its features.

Advanced Web Ranking The SEO Software Interface

With the help of this software’s comprehensive features, you will be able to track your keyword position as well as the previous one with that you can compare it with your competitor’s keywords.


Ahrefs is known for its site explorer mostly similar to Majestic SEO.

It is a series of tools that include SEO report, site explorer, backlink report, domain comparison and as well as batch analysis.

This is the most advanced tool that helps you to keep your organic search results on point.

How Ahrefs will help you:

  • Prepare a comprehensive SEO report
  • Will explore your site to check its health
  • Prepare Backlink report
  • Track the content performance and provide guidelines
  • Track your keyword rankings
  • Monitor your domain

How it works:

Ahrefs The SEO Software Interface

With the help of this software, you will get a complete result of backlink reports with the organic keywords, traffic and ranking results.


It’s a great SEO Audit tool for link building.

This tool helps you with relevant metrics that help you to manage your relationship with clients more effectively.

How BuzzStream will help you:

  • Help to discover the prospects list
  • Help in powerful link building
  • Manage link
  • Manage SEO campaigns with outreach compatibility.

To enjoy all the features without any interruption, subscribed to their plan.


One of the unique attributes of this tool is its ‘Local citation finder’ feature. This audit tool allows you to discover citation sources for particular keywords in particular cities.

Along with that, you can also use it as a rank tracker and offline conversation tracker.

How Whitespark will help you:

  • Help to find the local citation
  • Monitor the citation growth
  • Help to find the competitors citation
  • Track the local ranking factor
  • Monitor local as well as organic search performance
  • Provide real-time ranking data

How it works:

Whitespark The SEO Software Interface

With the local citation finder feature, you can easily find opportunities to list your site in the prospective site in order to generate the powerful backlinks.

Moz Pro: SEO Software:

Started with just a blog and online community. And now become the most advanced SEO and Digital Marketing platform among SEO professionals.

It considers as an SEO powerhouse that helps in keyword recommendations, site crawls, performance sights and many more.

How Moz will help you:

  • Target keywords with accurate keyword volumes
  • Show each keywords difficulty metrics
  • Easy to save the targeted keywords list
  • Track your rankings both in local and national searches
  • Get insights about competitors rankings
  • Site crawl facility to find out harmful issues
  • Improve your page optimization
  • Help you to find backlink opportunities
  • Help to generate custom reports

How it works:

Moz Pro The SEO Software Interface

While doing the site crawl with this SEO software, you will get a complete health report of your website including rankings, links, Traffic, insights, keywords, etc.

Report Garden:

This software will give you central solutions for managing your potential clients, running campaigns and for reporting

You can manage your keyword rankings and perform site audits by doing SEO analysis with the help of this software.

How Report Garden will help you:

  • Easy to group PPC, SEO & Social accounts in one single report.
  • Help to manage keyword rankings
  • SEO Analysis drive quality traffic
  • Real-time data track
  • Perform technical SEO audit for all pages
  • Track potential keyword positions
  • Help to track PPC budget for scalable SEO campaigns

How it works:

Report Garden starts with a live free demo to help the user to understand its features. To unlock the features, first, you have to provide your Google analytics access to this software.

Agency Analytics:

As the name suggests, this tool is specifically designed for agencies. It will help you to boost your website rankings with automated website audits.

How Agency Analytics will help you:

With the help of this advanced SEO platform, you can:

  • Automate SEO reports
  • Track your keyword ranking
  • Monitor your backlink
  • Analyze your competitor

How it works:

Agency Analytics The SEO Software Interface

Here you will get an overview of your Google rankings, website crawl summary, new or lost link report as well as the errors and warnings of your site.

Best SEO Reporting Software: Mid Range SEO Tool

This mid-range SEO tools are quite famous among SEO professionals. Find comprehensive SEO tools for your site to resolve any kind of SEO issues.

  1. Woorank
  2. Wordtracker
  3. KWFinder
  4. Long Tail Pro
  5. SpyFu
  6. SEOptimer
  7. Serpstat
  8. SEO PowerSuite
  9. Rank Ranger
  10. Majestic SEO

Here I’m focusing on the mid-ranged SEO Tool. Below you will get a complete overview of those softwares.


This is a simple, easy-to-use SEO audit tool that helps you to boost your online visibility, traffic, and usability by performing all the SEO activity.

How Woorank will help you:

  • Optimize your website
  • Analyze your site from an SEO perspective
  • Track your keywords
  • Compare your site against your competitors
  • Integrate the site with:
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Facebook
  • Generate Bulk review

How it works:

Woorank The SEO Software Reporting Tool Interface

You will get a glimpse of your site performance by using this software free feature. But to unlock all the free feature you have to enter your billing information.


This reliable SEO audit tool is specifically designed for keyword research along with monitor the competitors’ keyword to help you to gain competitive advantages.

With this tool, all you need to do is start searching.

How Wordtracker will help you:

  • Always find new keywords for your business
  • Discover the competitors’ keywords
  • Track the latest & most popular keywords
  • Help to generate custom build reports
  • Give SEO & PPC insights
  • Fetch data directly from Google

How it works:

Wordtracker The SEO Software Reporting Tool Interface

This software will give you a complete guideline in terms of keyword tracking & suggest keywords that have the most search volume & user-intent.


This SEO report tool helps you to find keyword difficulty to improve your ranking.

Trusted by many SEO professionals, this powerful keyword tool aids you by finding the long tail keyword with low SEO difficulty.

How KWFinder will help you:

  • Help you to find long-tail keywords
  • Suggest keyword source from Google
  • Track Competitors keywords
  • Can easily import keywords in bulk
  • Filter the less important keywords
  • Help to find keyword difficulty
  • Research local keywords

How it works:

KWFinder The SEO Software Reporting Tool Interface

Only by entering the keywords/domain URL you will get a complete keyword report which contains Most trending keywords with their search volume, CPC, PPC, keyword difficulty. Also you will get a SERP overview (which domain is ruling on that keyword, in other words, your competitors) of that keyword.

Long Tail Pro:

As the name suggests this tool helps you to discover the long-tail keywords to rank your site higher in the SERPs.

How Long Tail Pro will help you:

  • Helps to conduct a competitive analysis for any keywords
  • Help to track rankings
  • Identify profitable keywords
  • Can easily import keywords in bulk
  • Analyze the competitors’ keyword strategy and give insights.
  • Suggest long-tail keywords
  • Provide hundreds of keyword ideas

How it works:

To enable all the features fully, you have to buy their subscription plan. There is no free option available here..


With this SEO auditing tools, getting a higher ranking than the competitors become easier.

Now you can legitimately spy your competitors’ performance and download their most profitable keywords.

How SpyFu will help you:

  • SEO campaigns help you to increase your website traffic
  • Track your keyword rankings
  • Monitor your SEO performance on the most popular sites.
  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Helps to monitor your PPC competitors
  • Track your PPC Ad Rank
  • Spy your competitors’ keyword rankings
  • Help to check competitors backlinks

How it works:

SpyFu The SEO Software Reporting Tool Interface

After entering the competitors URL, you will get the complete domain overview which consists of:

  • Domain organic keywords
  • Monthly SEO clicks
  • Inbound click rate from Google
  • Competitors List
  • Competitors Keywords
  • Inbound links


For the comprehensive SEO audit, site crawl and to generate branded white label SEO report, SEOptimer is perfect for digital agencies and small business owners.

You can also embed this tool on your website to present your clients’ branded audit reports and gain more leads.

How SEOptimer will help you:

  • Helps to generate White Label reports
  • Site crawler facility
  • Has an embeddable audit tool for agencies

How it works:

SEOptimer The SEO Software Reporting Tool Interface

After inserting the website URL, you will get a report of your website’s overall performance, in terms of:

  • HTML Header
  • Body Content
  • Keyword Consistency
  • Link Structure

With that amount of information, you can easily improve your site performance from an SEO perspective


Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO program for professionals, by helping them in positions tracking, backlink analysis, site audit, keyword research and monitor the competitors’ performance.

How Serpstat will help you:

  • Helps in researching keywords
  • Facilitate the process of SEO & PPC Campaign
  • Generate Long tail keywords
  • Analyze keyword trends to give you up-to-date result
  • With search analytics, find out your competitors
  • Helps to create unique content
  • Regionally as well as globally track rank positions

How it works:

Serpstat The SEO Software Reporting Tool Interface

Only after entering the keywords, you will achieve an overview of that keyword. There you can see how your keywords are performing over the years.

SEO PowerSuite:

SEO PowerSuite will power your SEO business by rankings, on-page SEO, backlinks facility and also helps in generating the SEO report.

This tool is flexible to use and rich with advanced features.

How SEO PowerSuite will help you:

  • Helps to monitor accurate ranking
  • Monitor, analyze & compare your backlinks
  • Research powerful keywords for your site
  • Helps to optimize your content with proper SEO strategies
  • Find out the duplicate content
  • Conduct in-depth competitor analysis
SEO PowerSuite The SEO Software Reporting Tool Interface

To try out the software for your own, you can download the software and start using it free of cost. But one thing to consider first. If you have to insert your credit card info to unlock all features.

Rank Ranger:

This software is known as the all-in-one professional SEO software capable of doing your rank tracking irrespective of devices, on-page optimization, keyword research and much more.

How Rank Ranger will help you:

  • Helps in tracking rank
  • On-page optimization
  • Perform local as well as mobile SEO
  • Competitor analysis
  • Provide pre-designed insight graphs
  • Analyze your performance at online mar
Rank Ranger The SEO Software Reporting Tool Interface

To get this software, you can start by requesting a demo or free trial version to achieve the full accessibility of this software.

Majestic SEO:

Majestic SEO is known for its backlink checker and site explorer.

It will help you with detailed backlink reports to find out who links to your website.

Along with that you can track your favorite sites and will also compare your competitors’ site with yours to improve your ranking.

How Majestic SEO will help you:

  • Implement your SEO efforts to get more traffics
  • Track your progress
  • Analyze your competitors
  • Find backlink opportunities
  • Find out which of your content is working or not.

How it works:

Majestic SEO The SEO Software Reporting Tool Interface

You can test this software by using the free search facility of this software. You can get an overview of your total site’s performance, in terms of:

SEO Site Audit Software: Low cost-effective SEO tool

Here I try to cover all the powerful low-ranged SEO software especially focusing on those individuals who are just starting their SEO career.

These SEO tools will effectively help you out without breaking the bank.

  1. SheerSEO
  2. Authority Labs
  3. SEO Audit Software
  4. SEO Check – seobility


Trusted by many SEO professionals. This agency SEO software automates your SEO efforts by helping in rank tracking, On-page SEO analysis, backlink analysis, etc.

How SheerSEO will help you:

  • Helps to estimate your potential traffic
  • Automatically communicate relevant blog side to create backlink opportunity
  • Optimize your content with the best SEO practice
  • Track your competitors’ rankings along with their backlinks
  • Helps to improve your On-page & off-page SEO

How it works:

Rank Ranger The SEO Software Tool Interface

You can run the software by starting the free trial first. Or to check it how it works you can request a demo. Whichever way you choose it will help you by providing a complete overview of your site.

Authority Labs:

This Reliable technical SEO software will help you to track your rankings daily by just adding the domain name, keywords, and locations.

With high-quality data, you’ll gain a competitive edge over your competitors.

How Authority Labs will help you:

  • Helps to monitor your SEO performance
  • Assist you by providing reliable & accurate keyword data
  • Automatically track local as well as the mobile ranking
  • Provide a daily ranking report

How it works:

Authority Labs The SEO Software Tool Interface

To check out all the amazing features of Authority labs you can start the free trial version, which is of-course won’t cost you anything. But to try it you have to input your credit card information first.

SEO Audit Software:

It considers as the most advanced and powerful SEO business report software.

You can use it as a lead generation tool that aids you in:

  • On-page factors
  • Off-page factors
  • Content analysis
  • Generate branded white label SEO reports

How SEO Audit Software will help you:

  • Reporting tool helps to create technical SEO report
  • Helps to track keyword rankings
  • Compare your rankings with competitors
  • Helps to find out the gap for improvement
  • Audit your site for a proper SEO practice
  • Scan all the internal & external links
  • Check your Google score for usability & speed

How it works:

Best Open Source SEO Audit Software

With the Website Audit feature, you can easily audit a page to get a complete report of your website health. It will help you to identify hidden problems of your website.

SEO Audit Software Tool Interface

You will get a complete overview of your website, in terms of:

  • Website URL
  • Title Tag
  • Meta Tag
  • Page Speed
  • Image Analysis
  • H1, H2, H3 Tag

And with the help of the keyword tracking feature, you can track your keyword ranking at any time, anywhere while providing 100% accurate ranking results.

SEO Audit Software Tool Interface 2

It tracks all the important keywords of your site in real-time. You can track your keywords daily. It also can generate rank reports which help you to monitor the effects of changes.

When you can get all of this amazing facility by spending less, so why rely on other tools. Use this reporting software for free (14 days trial) and improve your website ranking in Google.

SEO Check – seobility:

This all-in-one software helps you in all SEO related problems.

How SEO Check – seobility will help you:

  • Helps to perform Site auditor
  • Conduct Rank tracking
  • Backlink checker
  • Link building Facility

How it works:

SEO Check - seobility SEO Software Interface

You will get a chance to free analyze your website by using this tool. It showcases your website complete report in terms of:

  • Meta Information
  • Page Quality
  • Page structure
  • Link structure
  • Server issues
  • And other external factors

Site Checker:

Now track your SEO progress faster and cost-effective manner with the Site checker.

This will help you to run a technical SEO audit to check your website’s health and in the end improve your site ranking.

How Site Checker will help you:

  • Preparing the on-page SEO Audit report
  • Helps to find out the error
  • Find out the broken links
  • Monitor your Website SEO
  • Track all the change in terms of content strategies

How it works:

Site Checker SEO Software Interface

Like SEO check, this powerful Search engine optimization (SEO) auditing software will do a free check-up of your site. It will find out all the technical SEO issues of your site.

White Label SEO Audit Tool

For instant auditing, reporting and ranking White label SEO tools is perfect for the Digital Marketing agency.

Such SEO report software are:

  1. Raven Tools
  2. SEO Profiler
  3. SEO Audit Software
  4. Rank Ranger
  5. WebCEO

This type of White Label SEO analysis tool is so beneficial. As with that, you can find completely customizable reporting options to communicate with the clients’ in a more personalized way.

Raven Tools:

This all-in-one SEO tool is best suited for agencies, freelancers and in-house marketers.

How it helps:

  • Can generate beautiful reports in no time
  • Comprehensive toolset provide all-in-one solutions for all agencies
  • Generate templatize and automate reports
  • Can customize the reporting widgets

SEO Profiler:

These white label SEO tools provide complete SEO solutions. It helps you to generate impressive white-label SEO reports for your clients.

How it helps:

  • Can generate impressive reports with your company design
  • Can customized PDF reports with header & footer
  • Can use the custom text on the report cover page
  • Can schedule the PDF reports which automatically send to clients

SEO Audit Software – White Label:

This software is well-known for its white label SEO tool. For instant Auditing, Reporting & Ranking this software is helpful for all agencies.

With the help of the tool, you can configure a custom domain with a private logo, header, footer – all will be in custom design.

You can also embed it in your site with lead capture form which allows you to generate complete and most accurate technical SEO audit reports for your potential leads or existing clients. As a result, it ends up increases your credibility & improves your brand identity.

How this White Label SEO Audit Tool adds value in your Business:

  • Easily gain new customers while improving your organic conversions.
  • It helps to increase your ability to retain your potential clients
  • Easy to impress your clients with simple yet detailed auditing reports.
  • Easy to generate custom build reports for hundreds of clients
  • Easy to embed White Label Lead Capture Form.
  • Can perform white label on-page

How it works:

SEO Audit Software Interface 3

After inputting all the information here, you can easily custom build your report. And while rebranding the results, you can easily please your clients with the quality of SEO results. It helps you to manage multiple client sites from just a single account. Now you can save your valuable money and time and gain the perfect result.

Rank Ranger:

Rank Ranger’s Dashboard is a 100% white label that allows you to gain full control of the HTML and CSS.

As a result, you can make the dashboard that matches your brand along with that can create a completely customized report.

How it helps:

  • Can generate automatic PDF reports
  • Can create custom insights for your rank, visibility & traffic
  • Can use your own domain for white label SEO reports


This White Label SEO software popular among the marketing agencies, in-house SEO teams, web designers, software resellers and CMS developers.

This tool help to rebrand the WebCEO in your domain while running the advanced and highly effective SEO program.

How it helps:

  • Can rebrand the SEO platform with your own domain
  • Offer cloud-based SEO tools with custom design
  • Let your clients view and read-only access to live SEO reports

Best Open Source SEO Software

Best OPen Source SEO Audit Software Interface

For those marketing agencies who want to build their SEO reporting software, Open source SEO tools are the right fit for them. And those tools are:

  1. SEO Audit Software
  2. SEO panel

As this kind of SEO platform isn’t that much available like other kinds, So the below-mentioned software will be perfectly aligned with your needs.

SEO Audit Software – Open Source Version:

SEO Audit Software Interface

This Open-source SEO Audit Software is specifically designed for:

  • Monitor your website’s ranking in Google
  • Help to Improve your SEO performance
  • You can download the full source code
  • You can host this software in your domain.
  • And after download, you can use, edit, run, resell this software without any restrictions.

As a result, you’ll get your SEO open source tools and improve your as well as your clients’ SEO performance.

You can also run this software completely free for 14 days. And after that, if you want you can download this open-source SEO software.

SEO panel:

This is the award-winning Open Source SEO control panel.

How it helps:

  • Easy to manage your SEO for your websites.
  • Easy to give detailed reports about each page
  • Easy to track daily positions of keywords in different search queries.
  • It can generate beautiful graphs and detailed reports.

To enjoy all of these benefits, you have to download the software on your server and enjoy the hassle-free SEO analyzer service.

Free SEO Reporting Software

Free SEO Reporting Software

As these Seo report software are free, that doesn’t mean they are less effective than the paid tools.

They are equally advanced and capable enough like the paid tools.

And such free SEO audit software is:

  1. Google Search Console
  2. Ubersuggest
  3. Small SEO Tools

Those who are just beginning their SEO career, these tools will be a great help for them.

Now enjoy the free analysis tool and the audit report on the go.

Google Search Console:

This is the top Google SEO tool widely used by SEO professionals.

This will allow the users to monitor and report on your website’s presence in Google SERP.

And the most amazing part you can access this tool free of cost.

How it helps:

  • Help you to optimize your content with powerful search analytics
  • Easy to analyze each URLs
  • Alert you about each issue that Google notices
  • Help to provide detailed index & serving the information


Another free SEO audit tool is Ubersuggest, as it is popularly known for its Keyword research feature.

How it helps:

  • From long-tail keywords to LSI, you will get a lot of keyword suggestions.
  • Allow you to get the keyword difficulties
  • Can keep track of your competitors keywords.
  • Provide top-performing content ideas with proper keyword guidelines
  • Provide action plans to improve your backlink data
  • Able to generate a free instant SEO report

Overall it’s a pretty good tool for beginners.

Small SEO Tools:

This software provides a complete set of various kinds of tools for use.

Now optimize your site for free with this tool.

You can research your keywords, backlinks along with the competitors’ keywords in this simple but effective SEO tool.

How it helps:

  • Can track your keyword position
  • Can check your keyword density
  • Suggest important keywords
  • Research profitable keywords
  • Compare keywords with competitors
  • Check website page speed
  • Check your page authority
  • And many more.

Final Verdict:

There are other tools as well. Choose wisely that support your niche perfectly. Only powerful SEO solutions help you to keep track of your efforts and outcomes which in the end showcase what is working for you and which one is not.

If you ask me I will suggest you use SEO Audit Software, as this is the most powerful SEO report generating tool that helps you to analyze SEO audit and keyword ranking reports. It also helps you to embed it as a lead generation tool.

And at the same time, it’s wise to avoid spending too much money early in the SEO process. This tool is efficient enough to get you started. So why wait, start 14 days free trial now.