To do a free site audit, you don’t have to do much. If you search on Google, you will find numerous SEO tools or software. Those tools providing free website analyzing facility for SEO. That included some big names and also some newcomers on this list.

SEO Audit software

Check Your Website Performance

Share your website URL & keyword you want to rank to know the overall performance of your website. You will receive in-depth on-page SEO report in less than 30 Seconds.

But the hassle is you have to find which one is the best.

I have 17 years of experience in SEO field. So I believe my SEO experience will satisfy your quest.

In this blog, I try to segregate all the reliable SEO audit tool. That is based on their accessibility & performance. So let’s begin:

Before, start the list. Let’s start by answering a question:

What is Technical SEO Audit?

Technical SEO Audit means;

  • That run a crawl report on your site
  • Find out all the underlying errors
  • Provides insights of such errors
  • And, lastly, generate SEO Audit report of that result

Now you may ask,

Why doing SEO Audit is important?

By observing in the bare eyes you can’t detect any problems. But you may face your ranking is continuously dropping.

Your traffic is decreasing.

Visitors face problems while visiting your site.

Moreover, your overall site is a mess.

Which you can’t identify at first glance. You will get that only after performing a site audit. Then you will see which things actually lagging you behind. You can find out the most pressing technical SEO issues

Also, get suggestions to fix those. And for that most important reasons – running a technical SEO auditing is important.

SE Ranking:

This site SEO audit tool is an all-inclusive cloud-based SEO tool. It helps you to;

  • Monitor your page performance
  • Suggest the keywords,
  • and Help you to fix your website weaknesses.
SE Ranking - SEO Reporting software

Pic Source: Sample website SEO audit

How this tool conduct SEO Audit:

  • Site crawl every single page
  • Analyze every single URLs
  • Scan Subdomains
  • Analyze pages with status codes
  • Find out missing or duplicate meta tags
  • Analyze website loading speed
  • Scan every image
  • Analyze internal links

You will get 14 days free trial facility. You can also download an instant SEO audit report.

Sem Rush:

This software is known as the online visibility management platform.

It will assist you in;

  • Keyword research and rankings
  • Analytics
  • Backlink analysis
  • Analyze the traffic
  • and at the same time help you to get insights about your competitors.

This is the most popular tool among Digital Marketing enthusiastic.

SEM Rush Premium SEO Audit Tool

Pic Source: Free Website SEO audit Sample

How this tool performs SEO Audit:

  • Thoroughly check your site’s health
  • Find out all the SEO issues and fix those
  • Regularly track SEO progress
  • Add missing tags
  • Detect broken image & fix those.
  • Detect duplicate content

Raven Tools:

This tool is trusted by thousands of agencies because of its 7 amazing SEO and reporting tools.

The tools you’ll find in this all-in-one software, are:

  • Website Audits
  • Backlink tools
  • Rank Tracking
  • Competitor Research
  • Link Building manager
  • Marketing Report
  • Keyword Rank checker
Raven Tool - SEO Site Checker

Pic Source: Technical SEO auditing Sample

How this website auditing software helps:

  • Run in-depth site audit
  • Find out visibility issues
  • Detect meta issues
  • Find out content issues
  • Find out link issues
  • Find out image issues
  • Analyze mobile & desktop page speed
  • Find out other semantic issues

You can avail 7 days free trial facility by using this software.

Moz Pro: SEO Software:

Started with just a blog and online community. And now become the most advanced SEO and Digital Marketing platform among SEO professionals.

It considers as an SEO powerhouse that helps in:

  • Keyword recommendations
  • Site crawls,
  • Performance sights and many more.
Moz Pro SEO Tool

Pic Source: Technical site audit Sample

How this site audit software helps:

  • Faster site crawl facility
  • Provide complete insights into your site’s SEO
  • Breakdown all of the issues into categories
  • Find out broken links
  • Find out the missing title, meta tags

This software has 30 days free trial facility. But to avail of this you have to provide your billing information.

Report Garden:

This software will give you central solutions for managing your potential clients. Also, assist you in running campaigns and for reporting.

By doing SEO analysis, now you can manage your;

  • Keyword rankings,
  • and Perform site audits

How this SEO audit tool work:

  • Thoroughly analyze backlinks & competitors data
  • Analyze your website’s SEO performance with define metrics
  • Find out all the errors

This site analysis tool starts with a live free demo to help the user to understand its features. Like other tools, you can’t unlock the site audit features. First, you have to provide your Google analytics access to this software.


This is a simple, easy-to-use SEO audit tool. It helps you;

  • Boost your online visibility,
  • Boost your traffic, and
  • Boost your website usability

All of this by performing all the SEO activity.

Woorank SEO Report Software

Pic Source: Technical SEO audit Sample

How this website analysis tool helps:

  • Fix the site errors
  • Track security & redirect issues
  • Catch all the indexing errors
  • Find out the duplicate content issues

When doing site crawl, you will get a comprehensive analysis report. By using this software free feature, you will get a glimpse of your site performance. But to unlock all the free feature you have to enter your billing information.

SEO Audit Software:

It considers the powerful SEO site audit software.

You can use the SEO audit widget that aids you in:

  • Generating leads
  • Set free auditing tools on your site
  • Generate white label report for clients

You can embed it on your site. And can use that seo audit tool directly from your site. As a result, your clients can perform SEO auditing from your website. In the end, it will increase the credibility of your website.

You can easily configure this software. From small to Professional SEO enthusiastic – this easy-to-use software can be availed by all.

White label SEO Audit software

Pic Source: White Label SEO Audit Sample

In this demo picture, you can see a comprehensive SEO audit report. Also if you check the header & footer – it is aligned with branding. And that’s how you can do & create a white label SEO Audit by using this tool.

With this best SEO audit software, you will get a complete insight into your website. Such as:

  • Page Speed
  • Title & Meta tag
  • Link Structure:
    • Number of backlinks
    • On-page link structure
    • Broken links
    • Friendly URLs
  • Page issues, signals & grade
  • HTTP requests & content breakdown, including:
    • Header tags
    • Keyword consistency
    • Ranking potentiality
    • Image Alt Attributes
  • Analysis of URL & Alt test
  • Analyze Robot.txt, XML sitemaps issues

Also, you will get an unlimited free site audits facility with a comprehensive branded free online SEO report for 14 days. After 14 days you can generate non-branded reports. And if you want you can subscribe to the paid features to unlock more exclusive facilities.


SEOptimer is perfect for digital agencies and small business owners. You can run a free site audit on your website. And able to identify a set of recommendation list to fix. Comprehensive SEO audit, site crawl and to generate branded white label SEO report – this software has it all.

You can embed this tool on your website. And can present your clients’ branded audit reports and gain more leads.

How this SEO Audit tool analyzes your site :

  • Find out website’s SEO score
  • Analyze website performance & security & usability.
  • Improve your site with powerful SEO recommendation
  • Review the sites child pages
  • Find out HTM issues including Title & meta tag
  • Analyze body content.
SEOptimer Technical site Audit Software

Pic Source: Technical site audit Sample

With that amount of information, you can easily improve your site performance from an SEO perspective.


Trusted by many SEO professionals. This agency SEO software automates your SEO efforts. Apart from free site audit, it also helps you in rank tracking & backlink analysis, etc.

How SheerSEO site audit works:

Show web page issues in percentages:

  • Unreachable pages
  • Pages with issues
  • Crawled pages
  • Analyze your HTML codes
  • Detect audit issues and recommended “How to fix” those
  • Analyze external backlinks
  • Analyze citation & trust flow
SheerSEO SEO Software

Pic Source: Technical site audit Sample

You can run the software by starting the free trial first. Or to check it how it works you can request a demo. Whichever way you choose it will help you by providing a complete overview of your site.

SEO Check – seobility:

This technical SEO audit tool helps you in all SEO related problems. You can test up to 1000 web pages. And that will be completely free & doesn’t require any registration.

Just enter your website URL & analyze your site.

SEObility SEO Report Software

Pic Source: Technical site audit Sample

How this auditor helps:

  • Provide overall SEO health score
  • Check out the following issues:
    • Internal & external links
    • HTML & social tags
    • Website performance
    • Website resources

Site Checker:

To check your website’s health Site checker is another important tool. It tracks your SEO progress. And help you to do a technical SEO audit.

You also don’t have to input any information. Just enter your URL & analyze your site completely free.

Sitechecker SEO Report Tool

Pic Source: Technical site audit Sample

How the site analyzer work:

  • Check title, H1-H8 tag
  • Analyze the size of the page
  • Find images without titles & Alt attributes
  • Scan all internal & external links
  • Check website’s google score


This SEO tool acquired by Neil Patel. It mainly considers a useful keyword research tool.

It helps you to produce good keyword ideas. That assists you in writing content.

Apart from that, you can also run a site audit. That helps you to find all the critical errors of your website.

And the most amazing part, it is completely free.

Uber suggest Free SEO Tool

Pic Source: Technical site audit Sample

How this tool does the SEO Audit of a website:

  • Find out your overall website health
  • Scan all the critical errors
  • Warnings about the impactful errors
  • Give you suggestion about your SEO health
  • Find out your site speed

Your website’s success lies in following all the search engine guidelines. And, my above-mentioned tools will help you out on this matter. These tools will thoroughly analyze your website. And gives you important tips & recommendations for a long-time success. To outrank your competitors on the search engine result page, use any website SEO audit tool.

My suggestion is to use the SEO Audit Software. Firstly it completely free to audit your site. Secondly, you will get a comprehensive technical report with proper recommendations. And lastly, to unlock all the exclusive features, you don’t have to pay much.

But the final decision is all yours.

Choose wisely based on your business needs. And audit your site consistently to keep it secure & SERPs friendly.