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You have a beautiful website, but don’t know why it’s not ranking on top. Well, let’s find out. Run a technical free SEO Audit on your website on targeted keywords, instantly you will get actionable insights with an audit report that can be used to make necessary improvements on your website.

  • Get SEO ranking for your keywords
  • Download complete SEO report in PDF format instantly
  • Find the technical error for fixing and imporving the rank

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What will you find in your SEO Report

After running a free SEO Audit, you will get a high-level overview of the following points:

SEO Audit Score

After conducting an SEO audit, you will get an SEO score to get an overview of how optimized your website is. 

Here you will get some key metrics:

  • Your website’s ranking signal  

  • Your website’s page Grade in terms of performance, security & mobile readiness

  • Google Page Speed & the number of file request

Basic SEO Audit Checklist

You can find some basic SEO checklists in terms of HTTP requests & content.

  • Images Request

  • Javascript Request

  • HTML Request

  • CSS Request

Website URL Analysis

  • Find out the URL length

  • Check whether the URL contains underscore or not

  • Check whether the URL has the exact keyword or not

Title Tag Analysis

  • Find out the title tag character length

  • Check whether there are exact keywords or not

Description Tag Analysis

  • Find out the meta description character limit 

  • Find out whether there are exact keywords or not

Image Analysis

  • Get the list of all the Image URL with their Alt text

  • Find out where the Alt tag is missing

  • Check whether the image name & Alt tag has the exact keyword.

Header Tag Analysis

  • Get a comprehensive report of all the header tags that been used in your website

  • Find out whether there are keywords in the header tag

  • Find out whether the header tags are in the right length

Keywords Analysis

  • Get the top ( 4 words, 3 words & 2 words) keywords list

  • Find out the keyword density & visibility in the content.

And much more. SEO reports are a vital way to analyze all the underlying factors of your site & by properly optimizing it for better rankings. To unlock more SEO suggestions in the form of PDF reports, visit:


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