Social media has definitely become one of the effective tools in digital marketing. With 45% of the world’s population that can be found on social media channels, it would be impossible for this number of people to go in a day without scrolling or visiting any social media page.

It has dramatically changed the landscape of our modern lives and opened up new opportunities for business owners and marketers to market and promote their products. It has also become an avenue to build relationships with existing and potential clients, engage with customers and grow an online presence.

Over the years, the world has seen the growth of social media and the emergence of its different channels. One of the first and considered as the game-changer in the industry is Facebook. It has become a social media powerhouse and an industry leader in digital marketing. It has helped a lot of companies grow into household names and into becoming business empires.

With over 1.5 billion users now, Facebook has become an essential in your business growth. However in recent years, this social media giant began suppressing organic efforts done to expand your reach. There is also an influx of Pages in the platform making competition very high which made it harder to stand out.

The answer to this problem especially if you have a budget to spare is to spend on paid advertisements and promoted content. But with the incurred cost, it is important for you as a business owner to see returns on your investment. So, how will you ensure a successful eCommerce Ad placed on Facebook?

Here’s a list we put together to make sure you get most of your Facebook Ad budget or eCommerce Ad in general.

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Make Your eCommerce Ad on Facebook a Success

  • 1. Leverage on Retargeting Campaigns

    A lot of people fill up their cart but fails to check out and ultimately lead to abandoning it. These people are already your potential customers that leave before completing any purchase. Only a fraction of these people come back to complete their purchase which means there’s a lot of missed opportunity. Those people who did not come back have already shown interest in your products and are almost done with sales conversion.

    Running a retargeting Facebook campaign can help win these people back. Create an ad that can remind them and nudge them to complete their purchase. You can offer special discounts as well to entice them to return. Make sure to provide a link and picture of the item so it will offer additional convenience that will make them check out faster.

  • 2. Bank on Video Advertisement

    If you want to catch your audience’s attention, invest your time in preparing video advertisements. Not as dull as any other content materials, videos are more engaging.

    It is important also to note that Facebook prioritizes video content in its algorithm. If you use video for your Facebook advertisement, it will most likely get more chances of being shown in people’s news feed.

    To maximize this opportunity, make sure that your video contents are created and formatted correctly. Be creative with it and always showcase your products in action.

  • 3. Give Discount

    Who doesn’t love discounts?

    Giving discounts can make someone who is not originally intending to purchase ends up buying your product because of the offer. Offering discounts is a crucial way of attracting possible customers.

    Launching a new product? Try offering an introductory price to your audience. Want to grow your leads? Create a referral program that offers discounts as incentives. As it only takes a few seconds to get the attention of your client, offering discounts can help to make them stay on your page.

    Another effective way to make your name linger in your customer’s mind is by running a contest. It still works great and still a good way to drive sales.

  • 4. Boost Non-sales Post

    People are always dubious these days and tend to shy away from brands and companies who seem too obvious that they are trying to make a sale. Even if you’re main goal is to augment your sales, it is important that not all of your post should be about selling. People tend to get overwhelmed with all the sales post they see online and may not just ignore yours.

    Break your Facebook sales strategy with an interactive post like polls, surveys, motivational quotes and short clip tutorials related to your brand or product. Informative posting materials will make encourage people to learn about you without pushing your product too hard. This kind of post also establishes rapport with your potential clients and build a deeper relationship with your existing customers.

  • 5. Work with Eye-catching Visuals with Engaging Copies

    With the amount of traffic Facebook’s newsfeed get every single day, it is important that

    Visuals for your ads should be pleasing to the eyes. It should be bright, not cluttered and refreshing to the eyes of your audience. Add powerful text or phrases in your image to make it garner more attention.

    Partner it with engaging copies to make your target audience notice you easily. As people tend to scroll fast in their newsfeed, you must get their attention in the first few words.

  • 6. Install Facebook Pixel

    If you haven’t heard about Facebook pixel or haven’t tried it yet, now is the time to venture into it. Facebook Pixel is a code place on your website that helps you create ads directly to your target audience.

    It collects data that provides important information so you can track your performance and conversions from Facebook ads. It also aids you in building a targeted audience for your future ads and remarket to your audience who have already engaged some kind of action on your site.

  • 7. Try Scrolling Multi-Product Advertisements

    This type of strategy lets you showcase multiple ads on the same screen on Facebook. More of like a slideshow, this can be beneficial for your brand as it makes your post more flexible. You may feature the same product but with different colors, products that are related to each other or the different features of a product.

    It can also help boost your conversion rate as it gives you existing and potential customers more options or more information before making a purchase.

  • Work with CTA Buttons

    Your goal in making your advertisement aside from closing sales is to encourage customers to always act.

    Facebook made it easier for you by having nine different call-to-action (CTA) buttons which you can build into an ad. Choose a CTA that is relevant to what you offer so it will be easier for customers also to understand what you are telling them to do.

Final Thoughts

Facebook may have been in the industry for a long period of time and you may have made several failed attempts in the past, but it does not mean that you should abandon your efforts in trying to grow your brand in this platform.

You have to take note that Facebook is one of the largest social platforms on the internet and gives you a wide array of opportunities. If you do your strategies right, it will give you amazing results that can a foundation to turn your brand into a household name.