In today’s world, websites and webpages are very common terms in the digital industry. It has become almost completely necessary to have a website if you are a company of small to large business. Even university and events have websites because well, this just makes all information in the same place.

“In the information age, build a website
Before you build a workplace.”

Now, since it’s so vital we should also know about the misconception regarding websites. Often, I hear people using a webpage alternatively to a website that is not technically the same.

Website and webpage are two much-related words and so it is absolutely okay to get confused and there is nothing to worry about. But now that you are here, after reading this, you will be crystal clear how they are not the same and you do not even need to be a computer enthusiast to understand this. So, let’s first define them.

  • A website is a set of related web pages located under a single domain name, typically produced by a single person or organization.

Do you see the use of ‘web pages’ in the definition? So, what is a webpage then?

  • A webpage is a document commonly written in HTML (hypertext markup language) that is accessible through the internet using a web browser. See the picture to understand this better.

Webpage vs Website

Now, you can think with an analogy.

For example, a book- that has got different chapters in it and each chapter has got several pages where each page can contain texts, resources or some images.

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Here, the book is the browser or the internet
And each chapter is a website where each page is a webpage.

Like each chapter is on a different topic, similarly a website is a collection of web pages with information on a subject and a web page is a smaller part of a larger website usually containing more specific information like the pages in a chapter.

Another way to understand can be by the following Venn diagram.

If you take the blue set D as the website, the inner A, B, C sets are the webpages. Here, as you can see A, B, C are subsets of the blue circle; that explains it clearly how they are arranged.

Example of website vs webpages

Furthermore, a webpage offers information ON a topic whereas a website offers lots of information ABOUT the topic.

Other than the information given by a webpage, a website can offer many more options such as

1.Signup page, 2. Login page, 3. Contact page, 4. News page, 5. Event page, etc. all together.The following image will make you understand the difference more clearly.

Diagram of Webpages vs Website

How to understand whether it is a website or a web page from urls-

You might have heard or seen the word URL whenever you have come across websites or webpages. To start with, a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) can be divided into 3 separate parts.

For example,

More than that, a webpage also has a unique URL called a path to refer to a resource on the internet. This means a webpage may be copied, but if the URL is not the same, it is a different webpage.

In a nutshell, the Internet has been, and always will be a magic box.

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As some wise guy once said,

“A website without SEO is like a car with no gas.”