Are you a blogger? Then you must be concerned about SEO. As we all know, without a proper SEO strategy it is quite impossible to rank on SERP. However, over time search engines have changed a lot, previously it was just a keyword staffing recently it is a lot more. Biggest search engine Google has become more intelligent, more conscious about authoritative articles, valuable resources, and well-researched content. So, no matter if you are new in SEO or the old buddy, the new SEO trends are must to know so that you can formulate a proper SEO strategy to rank on the search engines. In this article, get all the new trends of SEO that are essential for high traffic and SERP (Search Engine Result Page) ranking.


Imagine a search engine as a market. A market where everything is aligned with and can be found very easily. Imagine you want to open a shop over there. If your shop locations are at the front, no doubt you can get an expected number of customers. On the contrary, if it is at the corner, you can hardly get a customer. At the same time, if you can rank on the first page of the top of the search engine result page, you can undoubtedly get huge traffic to your blog. This is where SEO can help. SEO is the optimization technique that helps you to rank on the search engine result page. An SEO technique is nothing but understanding how search engine robots work and designing websites and blogs accordingly. In other words, it is making your content SEO friendly.

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Why Blogger Need to Know the SEO

There are 600 million blogs in the world today, 4,000 blog posts published every minute. So, as a blogger, you have to compete with this huge number of blogs. Among this huge number, standing out in the market is quite impossible if you don’t write SEO friendly blogs. Only SEO friendly blogs can rank in the search engine page and get traffic. SEO helps search engine robots to understand the content and rank it on the search engine result page. So, no matter you are a new blogger or an old one an SEO friendly blog is a must for your blogging success.

Top SEO Trends in 2022

The trends for SEO have changed over time, Google and other search engines have become more smart and intelligent. So that the SEO. Here are the top SEO trends in 2022

Goodbye to the Robotic Content

There was a time when google the biggest search engine used to rank websites only based on keywords. So the SEO practitioner used to pull bunches of keywords in the content. Instead of quality, the content usually sounds robotic. Yes, people wrote content for the robot not for their audience. No doubt, these content got the highest rank on google. In terms of audience, they never get value from this site or blog. As a search engine, Google’s main job is to refer to quality content, not the robotic one that has no value. So eventually google evolves, pushes different rules on keyword staffing and spamming, and eventually updates their search robot.

Now, this has been changed a lot. This is not the keyword google looks for while crawling your site, rather it tries to match the content relevancy with the keywords. Now in 2022 Google measures the quality of the content over the keyword. This doesn’t mean, keywords have lost their appeal, rather keywords still are important but the blog needs to be more natural. The uses of the keyword need to be more authentic and natural, not robotic. So, if you are writing a blog only to satisfy google robots, this is high time you change your approach and start writing content for the audience you want to reach. Otherwise, in 2022, it will be tough for you to rank on Google SERP.

Relevancy is the Key

Relevant, your content needs to be relevant to the keywords. If you have one focus keyword in your blog this content needs to be relevant with the keyword you are targeting. In 2022 Google will check your relevancy, not the keyword you target. Again, the keyword is the hook that will signal robots to crawl your website and relevancy is the key that will rank your website on the search engine result page. But, if you are thinking how to keep relevance here, are some of the tips

  • Write content for a target audience, understand their need and write accordingly
  • Use a long-tail keyword that ranks better in the search result page
  • Use the keyword in the meta tag and meta description and make it relevant to your audience search query

Fastest Ranking with LSI Keyword

In the past, bloggers used to focus more on the keywords. As mentioned before, keywords are important but keyword staffing has become a problem. Now Google wants to rank those content that is relevant to the search query. A search engine wants to offer its audience the most relevant thing on the top. So, if you only focus on the keywords then you can hardly rank on the search page because in 2022 Google will check the content validity with the LSI keywords. LSI keyword is the relevant keyword that tells a search robot about the content. For example, if you are writing content on fishing then your LSI keyword would be a fishing rod, best fishing rod, how to catch fish, etc. LSI is not the synonym rather it is the relevant keywords that establish a topic relevance. LSI graph is one of the LSI keyword tools to find LSI keywords. However, using those keywords is also tactful. They need to be natural, used in meta tag and meta description and one LSI keyword should be used as an h2 tag. If you can follow all these three rules your content can rank faster in Google with LSI keywords.

Comply With The Voice Search

Voice Search SEO Trends

Voice search has become so trendy. According to Google, 20% of their search is voice. 42.7% of US adults perform a voice search. So, you can expect this search trend will reign the future of blogging. So, no matter what you are writing today, if you wanted to be found through voice search too, then in 2022 your writing should comply with the voice search. It means the content needs to be more natural, more conversational, so that the search engine can read out conveniently to its audience. To comply with the voice search your content need to have

  • Filler words that make content more conversational
  • Long-tail keywords and this keyword answer questions.
  • Targeted question keyword that includes what, how, when, where

More Personalized Content

Content marketing is getting smarter. In previous days, where bloggers used to fight for the keywords and number, in recent days blogs focus on personalization. In terms of SEO personalized content gets higher traffic, a higher position in the ranking page. For example, instead of writing 5 advantages of SEO, if you write “How I ranked my website on Google” this will rank faster and get more traffic. Because nowadays audiences love personal insights, personal experience and the story behind every success. So, in 2022, every blogger should start writing more personalized content for faster results.

EAT Becomes the Highest Priority

Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness all these three words made up EAT. In 2022, if you only write content and expect to be on top of the ranking page, that will be tough. If you can show that you have expertise in the content, you have authoritativeness on the topic you have written and the audience can trust your content only then the search engine will rank your blog on the top. For example, if you are a doctor and write blogs about medicine and diseases then search robots will find EAT factors in your content and rank it on the top. In 2022, EAT will dominate the search engine.

Feature Snippet Brings More Traffic

The main purpose of the search engine is to answer the question or the queries people are looking for. So, when your audience can get it right away then no matter what you will be undoubtedly on the top. Yes, the featured snippet is the key factor here.

Feature Snippet for more traffic

In the picture above, the search result answer directly to the queries the audience is looking for. So, as you can see, Google ranks it at the top with the overview or the direct answer to the question. Now as an audience you will check the detail, or read out the feature immediately. Moreover, feature snippet helps voice search engine to read out the solution to its audience. Again, the audience can listen to the solution without reading the details. To add feature snippet, your content needs to have bullet points, should be written in a way that answers search queries with good EAT factors. Only then you can get a feature in the snippet and get more traffic to your blog site.

HTTPS is Important

This is a bit technical but important as well. In 2022, Google will give more importance to https rather than HTTP. So if your site is https than, this will be a good factor for you to rank higher. The reason behind supporting https over HTTP is the credibility. As mentioned before, Google wants to prioritized credible content, authoritative sites. Moreover, Google wants to make the internet safe and secure. So, when you have https it shows your website has enough security for user data and invested a lot of money and resources for their audience to ensure their audience’s data safety. So, transform your site to https if it is still on HTTP because, in 2022, https will rank first.

Citation Improves SEO Ranking

Reliability establishes through recommendation. If others recommend your site, it is a big sign that your website has good content and reliable content. So, the more citation you get the more reliable you become. For search engines, citation carries huge points. If you have more social shares, the citation you have more chances to win the first place. So, start looking for citations, backlink and social shares, because all these will help you to bring more traffic to your blog site and rank on the search engine result page.

How These Trends Help Bloggers

Know the trends, you will know the process, because if you know how to rank on the search engine you will know how to rank your website in the search engine. Trends are changing over time, if you stay updated with the SEO trends and apply them in your organic SEO strategy only then you can get more organic traffic to your blog site and always rank better. All these new trends will help bloggers to rank more faster in 2022 and get more traffic.

In 2022, the trends of SEO are about quality, which is about authority, reliability, and trustworthiness. It is all about creating content for the audience you wanted to reach. It is about trustworthiness about what you write, not just keyword stuffing. It is about reliability in the end, because the internet has become an important part of the user’s life, so it should be safe and secure for all internet users. So, if you wanted to be the great blog in 2022 write something that your audience cares for, your audience would value not the search engine.