What is SEO? How SEO can help online business?

What is SEO?

What’s the need of SEO if you don’t have any website? But if you have website business then SEO is must because in nowadays having a website is not good enough anymore. From a study we found about 50% customers spent their 70% of time on researching before purchasing any products and the research starts from search engines. Do you know “The best place to hide a site is the 3rd page of search engines” because about 70% people remain on 1st page, they don’t looking for 2nd page, 30% go to 2nd page, but only 10% people go to the 3rd page or other pages of search results. So you can see if you remain on the pages from 3rd or 4th, the chances of success on your online business is very low. In that cases only SEO can help you. Now i am going to give some process how SEO can help your online business.

How SEO really works?

Before we go to the discussion we need to know how Search engine will rank your business site. Search engine will rank your site through 3 major key factors:

Relevant information

Is your site has appropriate information for what users search? If the ans is yes that means you passed the 1st step to be in top rank.

Important content

If your site have important contents what viewers frequently look for than its a thumbs up for your site.

Website Popularity

If your site is popular enough that viewers directly go to your site or other website linked to your site for relevant information then its a big plus for your website.

How SEO can help online business?

To know how SEO can help online business please check this out-

Engage customers

Customers are the main fact for the success of any business. To engage target audience SEO have many steps to do like boost relevant information time to time, improve visibility of your site to attract customers, increase online performance, build public relations and increase customer service. And targeting specific audience creates higher chance of conversion.

Content Developing

As you are doing online business then you should know how important the content developing is. SEO will help for these. If you can give fresh and relevant content to you site it will work in favor of SEO. By these contents SEO can drag the viewers to your site.

Drive traffic to your site

SEO can help to increase the hits of your site.You can use social media sites for this. By these hits your site’s traffic will increase. If you can do so highly, after that search results itself will search you. Trust me.

Improve search ranking

As we know before, how much it’s important to be in the top ranked position in Search results. If you think that your site will go to top rank itself then you are damn wrong. Without SEO its impossible. Yes it will take time but if you don’t use SEO, your site may stuck in the 50 no page of search engine
from where no one can find you.

Return of Investment (ROI)

ROI is one of the main factor of any investment. SEO proved to increase the revenue of your business. A study shows that about 72% investors think that investment on SEO is profitable then other ways. And we know that profit is the key factor of a business.

Cost effective

SEO is one of the cheapest way for marketing. Investors believe that about SEO is 60% cheaper than other marketing ways like paper magazine ad or tv commercials. SEO works as free advertising, so it allows business owners to make adjustments with their budgets. It usually target those who are looking for the products online. SEO’s inbound character helps businesses to save money.

Increase brand awareness

Brand awareness is very important for a business. Brand awareness creates trust on customers mind. As you are doing online business then your final assets are customers trust. Once you achieve customers trust through your brand value then you never need to look back.High brand awareness is so powerful.

At the end, SEO is the race where you won’t find any finish line. Its a ongoing project for life time. But you have to be patient and optimistic. Because to be in top ranked you need time and effort. It’s best to start business with a proper SEO strategy.

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