What is Meta Description?

What is Meta Descripitons
Meta description attribute is used to describe your page to search engines. Its main purpose is to attract visitors to click your web page on Google and improve the click through rate. Compared with page title, a Meta description also tells visitors what the content of the page is about, but use longer sentences and describe more details of content than page title. Usually, a Meta description tags should be about 150-160 characters so that the whole tag can be displayed on the search engine pages.

What is best practice of writing Meta Description?

A good Meta description can help you get a high click through rate and higher ranking on search engine. So how to write a good Meta description?

Before writing the Meta description of your page, you need to know how to catch users’ eyes at first time and make them to click your page when they see your page on Google. Think about what kind of things users what to see or what are they interested in. And then try to make your Meta description be more persuasive and attractive.

A good Meta description should contain the focus keyword you use. By using the keyword in the Meta description, visitors could see your page title and page description while they search the keyword on Google.

Also, your Meta description should match the content of your web page. If you use a Meta description irrelevant to your content, Google might penalize the web page for tricking visitors. So that the bounce rate of your site could increase and it might also have a bad influence on click through rate of your site. Another thing is that you should make sure that your Meta description is unique but not duplicate. By writing Meta description in a good way, you can have a high ranking of your website as well as improve your brand awareness.

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