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Believe me or not; before you start to think about optimizing your website you need to think how you can find professional SEO Consultant for your business. Hiring the wrong person would not just cost you financially; it can harm your business and online reputation for a long time. In New York City I have experience lots of local business outsource cheap SEO service from the different country and now they looking for how to remove the penalty from google to recover their website reputation. Search Engine Optimization is not products like you can buy and use it. It’s an investment for long term business. So re-think twice before you hire a SEO Consultant.

12 Must have skills before hiring professional SEO Consultant

It does not matter whether your business is small, medium or large if you want to hire a professional SEO Consultant will require some expertise. Without those qualities, no one can claim successful SEO consultant. These skills make the consultant unique and successful. Now let’s talk about those skills to be considered before hiring a local SEO Expert for your business.

Year of experience

To know whether he/she is expert or not you have to know the years of experience. A highly experience expert SEO person can tell exactly what you need for your site, on the other hand, a less experience may take wrong steps without proper understanding.

Problem solving skill

SEO expert may work for many sites but every site are different and their problems also different. Any problem can raise anytime. So SEO expert must have the skill to solve any kind of problem anytime without depending on an article available online for a case study.

Communication skills

We all know communication is the key for success. Because nowadays Success is lead by the power of effective communication. SEO consultant going to make many changes on your website & you need to know every pros and corn of it. And its SEO expert’s duty to communicate with you every time before making any changes. Not only with you, an SEO expert may have to talk with web design and development team or sometimes with the readers or viewers. So his/her communication power should be positive.

Strong memory

SEO expert is going to handle your search engine results page. He/She must face some problems, get some questions and make changes of your site. So he/she need to remember all of those and for that persons must have a strong memory for the future strategic plan.

Research & Action

Research is very important to know about the fact. To know what was happening in the market, how competitor acts, whats your position in the rank etc SEO expert has to research every time. Because without knowing the problem you can’t go to next level. So SEO consultant must need to have research and data analysis skills for best ranking.

Data Analysis

The expert should know how to read and analyze data. Experts always work based on available data and statistics. If he/she can’t analyze data properly, how he/she act with the competitive market? A big no to him/her.

Decision maker

You need SEO expert to take decisions what was needed and good for your site. As trends are changing every moment so the expert should have the capacity to take right decision before its too late. Not only he/she have to take decisions after its happening but also he/should be ready with the decisions by assuming the changes may going to happen.

Content maker

An SEO expert should be a great content maker with the proper strategic plan because viewers prefer new and great contents. If the expert can do so a big yes for him/her.

Desire to learn new things

There is no end of learning. As algorithm changes all the time, so an expert should prepare to learn all new technology and techniques to make sure person is not behind of its trends.


He/she may be an expert person. But that’s not mean that they will be right every time. Sometimes they may be wrong. And only choose the person who has the mentality of accepting his/her mistakes and learns from them.

Knowledge on Web Development

You may think why Web Development is needed for SEO consultant. SEO experts need to make the sure website was designed and develop properly so search engine robot can read content the way its work best for SEO, So if he/she don’t know HTML or web development platform, how will he/she work for its improvement?

Capability to fit in your company culture

To work in a company one has to accept companies culture, rules environment etc. So If he/she can’t accept it how he/she will work freely. Or if he/she won’t work freely was his/her will be good for the production as its always team work.

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