Are You Searching for The Best SEO Professional in New York City?

If you are looking to hire qualified, and well-rounded professionals in the field of digital marketing, with a strong background in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), we have below a list of top SEO professionals in New York City, who are more than capable to handle your New York City Company & Businesses SEO campaigns.

These top New York City SEO professionals are sophisticated in not just SEO, but in digital marketing in general. Their SEO experiences range from link building, content curation, HTML, CSS, blogging, on-page and off-page SEO optimization, keyword research and optimization, analytics reporting, and more to rank them as one of New York City’s top SEO professionals.

Here is list of Local SEO Professional in NYC

Maqsood Rahman – SEO Experts in New York, NY

Maqsood Rahman - SEO Professional in New York City
You can contact Maqsood on Go to Linkedin
Maqsood is one of the best when it comes to improving your organic traffic in the search engine result page (AKA SERP). He has been working in the digital marketing industry since 2001 and studied computer science at London Metropolitan University. Over the years, he has amazed his many clients by using his SEO services. Feel free to view all of his glowing recommendations on his professional LinkedIn profile.

Maqsood is also highly experienced in developing marketing strategies, digital marketing automation platforms, and analysis. This provides him with the advantage of creating content development strategies in order to drive traffic. In addition to this, Maqsood has a solid knowledge in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and many other tools, which enables him to take full control of websites as well as perform technical SEO audits and improve page content quality.

Speaking with Maqsood, I asked him to show me examples of his SEO work and was surprised by a review of his portfolio. If you require any SEO services, Maqsood would serve as the perfect candidate. He is available to provide 15 minute consultations, free of charge. When doing so, I encourage you to inquire about his past work and search ranking data.

Maqsood Highlights

Malik Gay – SEO Content Writer in New York, NY

Malik Gay - SEO Cotnent Writer
You can contact Malik on Go to Linkedin
Malik Gay is a highly talented SEO content writer. Picking up the art of creative writing at a very young age, Malik discovered its technical uses during his time at Johnson and Wales University. Graduating in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and a concentration in Marketing Communications, Malik went on to work as a copywriting intern in New York City. After a few months of interning, he finally landed a full-time content writing position at the digital marketing agency Target Points in Garden City, Long Island.

Since his time at Target Points, Malik has been essential to the development of various websites and digital marketing strategies. His list of clients transcends a variety of industries including accounting and bookkeeping, IT management, real estate, and shipping and distribution, as well as many others. A true creative powerhouse, Malik expertly integrates engaging and relevant content with effective SEO practices and techniques in order to increase visibility on search engines. The ability to research and utilize relevant keywords in his content is also what makes him such a capable SEO writer.

Always looking forward, Malik is constantly trying find ways to reinvent himself as well as his content writing style. For anyone looking for professional, engaging, and relevant content combined with SEO tactics to get themselves noticed, Malik is the writer you want to call.

Noor Eltahawy – SEO Professional in New York, NY

Noor Eltahawy - SEO Professional in New York City
You can contact Noor on Go to Linkedin
Noor Eltahawy graduated with dual degrees in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from Hofstra University. His love for marketing, technology, and entrepreneurship tread him down a path to become what he is today, a Digital Marketer. Working with dozens of clients, Noor is well-versed in Social Media Marketing, Entrepreneurships (startup businesses, small to medium size businesses, startup campaigns and projects), SEO (search engine optimization, on-page, off-page, keywords), SEM (search engine marketing, PPC, CTR), Email Marketing (email list building, lead nurturing, etc.)

Analytics Review (setup, metrics, reporting, etc.), Marketing Strategizing (branding, campaign curation, marketing), Content Curation (content writing, marketing campaigns, blogging), managing a team (team builder, leader, team player), and Digital Marketing as a whole. Previously working as an Engagement Specialist for the YMCA of Greater New York, he has experience communicating and negotiating with people.

Cassie Li – SEO Professional in New York, NY

Cassie Li - SEO Professional in New York City
You can contact Cassie on Go to Linkedin
Cassie Y. Li was graduated with an MBA degree in marketing from Hofstra University. Her passion for marketing drives her to devote to digital marketing. With the help of absorbing business information for years, Cassie builds a strong business sense and critical thinking which help her in social media content creating.

Cassie’s ability of study makes her consistently improve and proficient in blogging, social media content creating, HTML, SEO, SEM, Email Marketing, Photoshop, Google AdWords, teamwork (as a team leader and a team member), IBM SPSS (Statistical Product and Service Solutions).

The previous job, a digital marketing assistant, at COED Group in New York City, offered Cassie opportunities to learn and well-performed in SQL (Structured Query Language), Google Analytics, problem-solving, communication skill, strategic planning, Microsoft Office, project management.

Frederic Wang – SEO Professional in New York, NY

Frederic - SEO Professional in New York City

You can contact Fredric on Go to Linkedin

Frederic Wang is a graduate student Hofstra University majoring in marketing. He is an excellent candidate with diverse work experience in E-commerce, marketing, service and operations. While studying in college, he took many marketing related courses, obtaining deep understanding and awareness of digital marketing. He has strong interests and passion in digital marketing.

While pursuing his master and bachelor degree in marketing, he took the role of service & operation specialist and marketing assistant for 3 years. During the previous working experience, He obtained excellent client management skills, strong marketing strategy skills, and teamwork ability.

Frederic currenly work as a social media marketer in digital marketing agency, maintaining multiple social media channels, creating creative content, and updating daily social media posts. He has deep knowledge of digital marketing including content marketing and social media marketing. He is a good self-motivated person, driven to success as young talent and pursue his career goal in digital marketing.

If you believe you are an individual with top notch experience as an SEO Professional in New York City, and want to your bio to be listed on our page, please send us an email with your LinkedIn Profile & your proven SEO records for our review.

8 thoughts on “Are You Searching for The Best SEO Professional in New York City?

  • Having worked closely with Karina I can say she adds tremendous value to her company. She knows SEO and is constantly working to improve her skills through attending conferences, webinars and private tutors. Congrats on making it to the top 10!


  • Awesome, thanks for putting me on this list, I appreciate it. It’s also great to see all the other SEO professionals out here in the Big Apple aka NYC.

  • It’s my pleasure to be posted here. Thank you. And it’s an amazing digital marketing and SEO team. I am so glad to be one of this team.

  • Great post. I have noticed that when it comes to hiring an SEO company, the best thing to ask for is results. There are a lot of seo “agencies” that charge a lot of money but have no results in the search engines to back it up. A true seo professional will have a site (s) ranking for semi to competitive keywords on page 1 of Google.

    • Thank you Steven & I totally agree with you. An individual SEO Experts can return the same results on ranking and charge less than seo agencies.

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