New York City SEO Expert

If you are looking for best SEO services, Level Ten Solutions is right choice for your business. We are New York City SEO Experts offering SEO consulting, high quality relevance content development, keyword research, on-page optimization, off-page content marketing service for increase your ranking in Google organic search results page.

Expand your search visibility & increase organic leads

Who don't want to have free traffic from Google search results page and generate business revenue. Organic search is only option without Pay Per Click to get qualified traffic from search results. Level Ten Solutions with 10 years + experience in SEO and Digital Marketing can increase your ranking with targeted keywords.
  • Increase your visibility in local search
  • Qualified traffic from Organic Search results page
  • SEO strategy with proven search engine ranking
  • Long term strategic content development
  • Keyword Research, Research & Research
  • Increase landing page quality score
  • Reduce your Pay Per Click cost
  • Improve CTR & Conversion Rates

White Hat SEO & Digital Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization

If you do not optimize your page or over optimize your content for search engine robot instead of human readability you can't expect any improvement in search engine page ranking.

Digital Marketing

Either you looking for Brand Awareness, Display Marketing or Re-Targeting I can manage your campaign most effective way to reduce pay-per-click cost and increase conversions rates.

Online Reputation Management

Managing reputation online is very hard specially for small and medium size business when some customer don't like your products or service can go after you and submit negative comments and review which can harm your business for future. Our De-Index and Push Down services can help you to new appearance online.

Social Media Engagement

We all know content is King, But if you don't have strategic plan with your content and keyword you would can't get best result from your search engine ranking.

How my SEO is different than your current SEO Consultant?

SEO is not a rocket science, Google already explain everything in webmaster blog. To became a SEO Expert, all you need to know how to read your competitor data & follow the guideline from Google with best practice of SEO.
Page Optimization

We all know SEO means Search Engine Optimization. So 1st steps is on-page optimization. Its very important for your ranking. Off-page optimization also vital for local search ranking. But remember according Google there is 200 ranking factor google consider for search result.

Relevant link building

2nd most important steps is creating powerful informative content so other relevant website will award you quality links. This is where you need help from SEO Expert like me with lots of expertise. Falling into wrong hand for create quality link can harm your ranking in organic search results page.

Content marketing

3rd steps for SEO to distribute and publish your content to high authority websites. This is where your competitor always ahead of search engine ranking game. If you hire me as SEO consultant, I can help you to distribute your content to world famous news, blogs and educational website to improve your ranking. If you don't have strategic content marketing & white label link building plan, you would never able to rank higher than your competitor.

Does your SEO consultant offer these services?

All my SEO Package comes with world class content marketing to gain more potential visitor in your website with high quality & white label link building services. If are not taking advantage of content distribution marketing and high authority domain link building services you are losing potential customer to grow your business via search engine optimization.
Some of my content marketing & white label link building network below:
  • CNN Content Marketing & White Label Link Building
  • The New York Times - Content marketing & Link building
  • forbes-logo
  • Business.com – Content marketing & Link building
  • BuzzFeed – Content marketing & Link building
  • Engadget – Content marketing & Link building
  • Enterpreneur – Content marketing & Link building
  • Huffington Post – Content marketing & Link building

Featured Clients

 I work more than 100's of companies website for design and development, search engine optimization and marketing automation.

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Shows how search engine optimization can increase your organic traffic.

Why Level Ten Solutions?

Direct Traffic
Organic Traffic

If your customer don't find your products and service while search in Google, it will be very hard for you to continue your business without making new business.

How good is your website if no one can find you? Hire us, so we can make sure people can find your website while they searching online.

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Head of operations

12 years + experience in Digital Marketing & Search Engine Optimization.
About Me & History:

My Name is Maqsood Rahman. I born in Bangladesh & currently I am living in New York since 2009. After finish my study in Computer science end of 2001, I start my profession as freelancer & offer outsource services for 300+ company around the world for website design & development & Search Engine Optimization.

Work Experience: After move to New York in 2009 I work with 5 different companies before I start Level Ten Solutions as SEO Services company in New York. In all company I work in online marketing (Digital marketing automation & search engine optimization). I also work in Full Services Digital Marketing Agency as Head of Digital Marketing Manager in New York.

My Expertise: I have wide range of expertise in computer tools & in cloud platform. I know how to do 2D, 3D animation or creative interactive promotional video, I also know how to do web graphics design or branding for print media & many other things. But these are not in practice any more in day to day's activities. During my 12 years of professional experience I have master my self in 2 major field.

Maqsood Rahman - New York SEO Specialist
  • Digital Marketing Automation: If you are using Eloqua, Pardot, Marketo, Hubspot or any tools that exist online I can setup your marketing automation platform from scratch to move forward with day to day actives.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Master in HTML & CSS, On-Page Optimization, Keyword Research, Strategic content development, Relevant Quality Backlink.

Professional Certificate:

  • Google Adwords: Valid until September 2017.
  • Google Analytics: Valid until October 2017.
  • Bing Ads: Valid until November 2017.

Beware » Lies from SEO Expert

Over the last 12 year I heard many lies, who claim to be a SEO Expert or Result driven SEO Agency. There is some lies you can find when you hire wrong person or company to do your SEO work & Remember don't just walk away when you heard these lie, please run as fast as you can.
  • We can rank you in Google Top Ten
  • We will submit your site in top search engine
  • Our SEO method are hidden secret
  • We are #1 on SEO Agency
  • We are Google partner & they help our agency directly
  • We decode Google search algorithm
  • Every industry is same in SEO, we don't have specific industry experience
  • More backlinks are better for ranking
  • More keywords means more traffic and good ranking
  • Our SEO technique are to complicated to explain
  • You don't need to worry about google algorithm
  • We can get your SEO fixed in 2 to 3 months
  • Its good when authority site republish your content
  • The more page & content you have its better
  • You should never buy any links from any site
  • Higher bounce rates means lower SEO ranking
  • A/B Testing can hurt your SEO Ranking
  • Never publish your best content to other website

Our keyword ranking in Google search results page

As a New York City SEO Experts we proud our self and achieve lots of keyword in Google top ten ranking. This results might vary time to time and user location & device. We collect this data August 30th 2016 from Google Search Console.